“Our residents and our small businesses are our priorities.”

--Julie Diep, MS, CCC-SLP Candidate for Garden Grove City Council, District 2

As a Mother, Advocate and Educator, I am running for Garden Grove City Council District 2 because I am confident that I can bring a fresh outlook to the issues that matter the most to our local community, restore focus to the needs of our residents and help support small business development in our neighborhoods. Our city is facing tough challenges with public safety, affordable housing, and business growth and now sustainability.  Working with our community, I want to make myself available, open up the dialogue and come together to find practical solutions to the core issues.


The state, county and city need a collaborative approach to fund and provide essential programs and services for small businesses to safely reopen, for the residents to be able to return to work, and for our children to go back to school to advance their learning during this pandemic. There is a limited amount of money with which to fund essential programs and services, so we need to closely examine our expenditures to support our families, businesses and the tourism industry. We need to connect them to local city, county, state and federal resources by making the information more accessible. Our community needs our support now more than ever, so they can continue to live, work and thrive in Garden Grove.  

I am a 44-year-old Community Leader with a proven record in our community. I lived in this district since 2002 and am a proud homeowner and businesswoman. I own a successful private practice; founded a non-profit organization; taught elementary, high school, and college students; operated a diagnostic and treatment center; and worked as a Speech-Language Pathologist (therapist) all within the last 20 years. In the medical field, I have served Veterans who suffered Traumatic Brain Injuries, children with Autism Spectrum Disorders who struggle to communicate and connect with others, and families in crisis who require skilled emergency support.  When this pandemic hit, I enrolled in Health Corp to offer help with patients requiring ventilators.


My husband and I have 2 children, a poodle, and 3 chickens. I want this city to be a safe place to live, to work, and to raise our family. I want to clean-up the city so our public image is reflective of our property value. And I want to attract local and international visitors who will help to sustain our local economy and create jobs or opportunities for our residents.    


During these difficult times, we need a leader with a vision that can provide results!  I have been an advocate for many, and now I humbly request your vote, so I can continue to advocate and make those needed changes that will better for our residence and small businesses!

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